I am an illustrator and educator based in Adelaide, South Australia. Since 2000 I have taught in the Visual Communication Design program at the University of South Australia (UniSA) specializing in Illustration design.
I am currently a course coordinator of the undergraduate Illustration Design course and the postgraduate Studio course for the Graduate Diploma of Visual Art and Creative Practice program. My academic profile and publications can be accessed at the following websites.
UniSA Staff profile
My pictures have been produced for use in a broad range of industries including design, advertising, interactive media, animation and publishing. I utilize a combination of both traditional (ink and watercolor drawing / painting) and digital media depending of the purpose and context of the work.
I am fascinated by pictures that communicate / convey messages without the support of verbal or written language. My current visual exploration is focused on ways pictures can communicate the same idea across and into different societies and cultures.
Themes and topics that regularly surface in my work relate to human behavior commonly found in all societies relating to social, political and personal issues



  • Segunda Llamada 4th International Poster Competition, Processed foods, Greenpeace Mexico and Autonomous Metropolitan University, Selected finalist, (2015)

  • IX 4th Block International Triennial of Eco Poster, Ukraine, Selected finalist, (2015)

  • Water is Life International Poster, Germany, Selected finalist, (2015)

  • To Death with a Smile Poster Award, Mexican Museum of Design, Mexico City, Selected finalist, (2013)

  • 4th Block International Triennial of Eco Poster, Ukraine, Selected finalist, (2012)

  • Hong Kong International Poster Triennial, Winner, awarded Gold and Bronze, (2010)

  • Desktop Create Awards, Desktop Magazine, Original Illustration Shortlist, (2010)

  • Taiwan International Poster Award, Taiwan, Selected finalist, (2009)

  • Third International Biennale of the Poster, Bolivia, Selected finalist, (2009)

  • 4th Block International Triennial of Eco Poster, Ukraine, Selected finalist, (2009)

  • Adelaide Fringe Festival 2009 Poster Competition Winner. Adelaide, South Australia, (2009)
    Adelaide Fringe Festival website

  • Desktop Create Awards, Desktop Magazine, Original Illustration Shortlist, (2008)

  • 2nd Australian Poster Annual, Melbourne International Design Festival, National Design Centre, Victoria, Australia, (2006)

  • ‘Art in Working Life Project’, in conjunction with South Australian Unions, Adelaide, South Australia, (2006)

  • Exhibitions:

  • Illustrator as Public Intellectual — 6th Annual Illustration Research Symposium Exhibition, Rhode Island School of Design, ISB Gallery (2015)

  • Questioning the Bomb, History and Non – Proliferation Invitational Poster Exhibition, The Art Department and the University Art Gallery at the University of Maryland, College Park, in collaboration with Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, and Massachusetts College of Art and Design, USA (2015)

  • The 1st International Poster Festival of Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China (2015)

  • The Storytellers: Celebrating the Renaissance of Illustration, Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide, South Australia (2014)

  • Consumed’ Art Prize Exhibition, City of Charles Sturt, Adelaide, South Australia (2014)

  • 100 typographic posters: International Invitational Exhibition, Art Design Faculty, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, China, (2013)

  • Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for a Digital World 2001-2012, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, (2013)

  • Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA), SALA Exhibition, (2010)

  • Watershed Art Prize Exhibition, (2010)

  • Australia Project Exhibition, AGIdeas, Melbourne, (2010)

  • ‘Prospect National Portrait Prize ’, Prospect Gallery, South Australia, Finalist, (2009)

  • Heysen Prize for Interpretation of Place, Hahndorf Academy, South Australia, Finalist, (2008)

  • Icograda (IDA) International Design – Feature and exhibit -Galeria: Icograda's international online design exhibit, South Australian School of Art Poster, (2008)

  • 'Redeemer Foundation Art Award', Queensland, Australia, (2007)

  • 'Life Work Art', SASA Gallery, Adelaide, South Australia, (2007)

  • 'InAugural AGDA South Australian Poster Exhibition', Adelaide, South Australia, (2007)

  • 'Constructive Art: Capturing the Construction of the Port River Expressway Bridges Art Competition', Port Adelaide, South Australia, (2007)

  • 'Creating for Conservation', Belair, South Australia, (2007)

  • 'Design is....’Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA), SALA exhibition, Adelaide, SA, (2006)
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