'Drawing on the Right Side of the Train'

This is an ongoing project of observational drawings which have been developed during train rides to and from my work. In 2008 I began these drawings as practice with the intent of representing the characters and personalities of my fellow commuters. As each page from my sketchbook was filled, I 'stitched' it onto the previous page. I view each page as a 'carriage' that can be connected or joined onto the next, each person a passenger on 'my train'.

The Process
Approximately 1 - 2 drawings are completed per train ride. Each initial drawing on a page governs the placement of following drawings. The drawings that follow are composed / observed into the negative space created by previously completed drawings on the page. This approach combined with the inclusion of various elements within the train such as seats, handles and signs has resulted in unusual drawings that can be interpreted on many levels.

In 2008 the drawing/image shown in this gallery titled, 'Carriage #1', was selected as a finalist and exhibited at the Hahndorf Academy, Heysen Prize for Interpretation of Place, South Australia.

Carriage #1
Finalist - Heysen Prize 2008
Carriages 2 - 12
Completed 2008-2010
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