Collage - 1996 - 1997

The purpose of this 'Archive' section is to show my images at various stages in my career, to show how my image making process has changed and evolved over time.

This body of work was constructed through a collage of existing images and experiences.

I recycled imagery and ideas I had completed, incorporated found imagery and textures. The narratives developed within each piece are personal reflections on a variety of situations I experienced at that point in my life.

This work culminated in an exhibition in 1997 and was effective in combining all of the visual elements and mark making I had attempted to that point.
It just happened
The Dance
The Dance (detail)
Partners in time
Partners in time (detail)
She breeds doves
Working in a 'mans' world
The Boxer
The Boxer (detail)
Round 1
Round 2
Built with Indexhibit