Enactive Aging

by Jo Mignone and David Blaiklock
The Image Conference, Venice

Size: 70cm x 148cm

Description of the artwork and critical context:
In light of the theme ‘Imaging Ourselves ‘, this work is a reflection on the experience of aging, the loss of ‘voice’ and self-determination. This collaborative drawing is a depiction of a parent and explores the potential of a silent, fragmented existence brought on by the aging process.

A sequential, reactive process was utilised in the exploration of the concept, enabling an understanding and expression of the topic for both practitioners. Through drawing, the project questioned the nature of aging and artistic collaboration by combining distinct, individual mark making, resulting in a fusion of both material and cognitive approaches. The process centred on reflection-on-action (Schon 1983) and was documented through exploratory sketches, written reflections and diagrams which were jointly and separately considered ‘to facilitate communication for creative purposes’ (Mäkelä, Nimkulrat & Heikkinen 2007). As a result of this drawing collaboration the final artifact evidenced a transformation of visual language for each practitioner.

Enactive Aging
A reflection on aging
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